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GROUND // Gemeentelijk Parkstadion - K. Rupel Boom FC

The grounds were first being used in 1941 by Rupel SK. There was no stadium yet and after 18 years they left the grounds because the athletics team also started using the grounds. To be able to play on well maintained grass they decided to move out.

In 1967 FC Boom started playing on the grounds again, but still there was no real stadium. For a few years they played with only some terracing. In 1970 the grandstand was built. It's well know for being very steep. With an angle of 43 degrees it is even more steep than Amsterdam ArenA (37 degrees).

The two teams decided to go for a perfect marriage in 1998. FC Boom had some wonderful years in the 80s and 90s, but suffered financial problems and went for a dive back to 5th division 1998. They merged with Rupel SK to become K Rupel Boom FC.

In 2004 they came back to the national leagues in 4th division and in 2008 the team promoted back to third division. Up until this day the team is a constant third division player with even 1 year in 2nd division in 2010.


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