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GROUND // Estadio Municipal Nossa Senhora dos Remedios - Sporting Clube de Lamego (Portugal)

Our last stop in Portugal. For this one we went a bit away from Porto, to the district of Viseu. There you can find the charming city of Lamego. And of course... There is a beautiful stadium to be found a well. That stadium is being used by Sporting Clube de Lamego.

Lamego is packed with authentic and historical buildings and references to times long past. A historian or someone with a cultural flavour will be happy here, under the beaming sun. The Estadio Municipal Nossa Senhora dos Remedios shares the same glitter and glamorous authenticity. But to find the start of the stadium we would also need to go to the start of the team playing there.

Because in 1934 both the team was founded and the stadium was built. Although it wasn't built in the state it can be admired right now. After many renovations it did manage to maintain the oldschool flavour. Sporting Clube de Lamego is the 63rd branch of the big Sporting Clube de Portugal. But they would never get the same results. The team did reach the national divisions throughout the decades. Especially the 90s were a decade with lots of successes. They had several years in the national fourth division and even two years in the third division.

Their last year at national level was in 2012 though. That's when the team relegated back to the regional leagues. Leagues where they still play to this day. Their stadium, renovated last in 2015, is ready however to go back to higher levels.

For now this was our last stop in Portugal. We were amazed by the beauty and the hidden treasures though. Portugal is a country we plan to visit again to continue our football quest. Tips are always welcome of course!

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