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GROUND // Gentsesteenweg - Leest United

A team from Leest (Mechelen) playing in Heffen (Mechelen)? It's very much possible and it's very much real. Leest United got help from SK Heffen when looking for a new ground and made it their own.

This time we won't have to go back too far in time to start the history. Leest United was created in 2004 by former board members and coaches of VV Leest. VV Leest was the oldest of all Leest teams and had the most success in the Belgian leagues as well. At one point they even made it to the national divisions. Competing with SK Leest and later on the merger of SK Leest/Rapid Mechelen (SK Rapid Leest) brought a lot of emotions in this small village next to Mechelen.

But in the early nillies VV Leest fell back to the lowest regional leagues and a couple of the team members were malcontent with how VV Leest was being led. They split off and created their own team, being Leest United. Whilst looking for a ground they had to seek refuge in the neighbouring Heffen. Although Leest is quite large, there were not a lot of possibilities to move into an already existing ground.

Ever since Leest United is leading a peaceful existence in the lowest regional leagues. Financially stable and a friendly atmosphere within the team. It must have been a 'joyful' moment for the team to see VV Leest disappear in 2008 leaving a beautiful lost ground. But by that time Leest United had already made their ground in Heffen their own with a lot of work, blood, sweat and tears.

The ground itself is a lot older than Leest United however. Only a couple of dozen meters away SK Heffen is playing in the Robert De Buyserstadion. In 1987 they created a recreational team to play in a local FA and mostly to amuse themselves. Racing Heffen was born and started playing on a side pitch. How it looked like back then is a big mystery. Any older pictures are always welcome. But by the start of the new millennium SK Heffen started to maraude the leagues and had to put all focus on their own team. Racing Heffen was looking to cease activities more or less at the same time Leest United was created. Put one and one together and you have...

Leest United renewed (or built from scratch?) the small wooden grandstand. It seems like the complete stadium is made out of wood and that makes this lowerleague stadium rather unique in modern football. We can definitely recommend paying a visit to Leest United! Go and experience the wood!


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