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GROUND // Henri Houtsaegerstadion - KV Koksijde Oostduinkerke

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

When visiting the Belgian coastline, you can schedule a whole groundhop tour. One of the better stops is the Henri Houtsaegerstadion, formerly used by KVV Coxyde; now the home ground of the new KV Koksijde Oostduinkerke.

Founded in 1932, Voetbalvereeniging Coxyde joined the Belgian FA in 1933, receiving - as per coincidence - matricule number 1934. For years the club kept on playing in the regional leagues and along the way it gradually got company from other teams in the neighbourhood. A few examples are Adinkerke, De Panne and the close neighbours of Oostduinkerke. VV Coxyde didn't play any competition between 1940 and 1942.

Afterwards, VV Coxyde picked up where they left off. Slowly but surely the team managed to work their way up the leagues. In 2008 Coxyde won the league in the top regional league, earning promotion to the national leagues for the first time ever. They would stay in that fourth division for one year only. But unlike most promoting teams, VV Coxyde didn't relegate immediately. In the contrary, they won the league again and promoted to the third division.

A unique era started and after the (necessary) modernisations in their stadium - and six years in that third division - another promotion followed. Second division was their next stop, but it would be their last as well. One year later, Coxyde relegated again. The renewed competition structure placed KVV Coxyde in the first amateur division (the third level). One year later, in 2017, KVVC decided to stop with their A team.

After a sabbatical year, the team made a fresh start in the lowest regional league in 2018. But in 2020, another huge decision was made. KVV Coxyde found an agreement with the neighbouring KVV Oostduinkerke. KV Koksijde Oostduinkerke was born; the matricule number of KVVO was used (although it seems the one from KVVC is still registered with the Belgian FA) and the new team moved to the Henri Houtsaegerstadion.

They had one A team in the top regional division (thank you, KVVO) and one B team in the lowest regional league. Not so uncommon, but in 2021 it was decided to stop the activities of the A team and only continue with their B team (who became the new A team) in the lowest regional league. Right now it seems KVKO is well on their way for a promotion. On to some new great moments!

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