GROUND // Melkweg - KFC Hever (lost ground)

Not far away from the current KFC Hever grounds their former ground is still existing. In the meantime this has become a wonderful and well hidden lost ground. But up until not too long ago this was the home of the footballing youth of Hever?

For seventeen years straight the Melkweg was the homeground of KFC Hever. After having wandered around in Hever and Schiplaken the Melkweg became their first long existing home stadium. But you had to know your way around to be able to find it (as it turns out to be now still). Between 1963 and 1980 the Melkweg stadium hosted the A team matches.

But in 1980 KFC Hever moved to their current ground not that far away from the Melkweg. The Melkweg stadium was still being used however for their youth teams. And it continued like that until the new millennium came along. The direct neighbourhood was being sold more and more for real estate and some of the new neighbours didn't always enjoy the sounds and lights of kids playing football.

When KFC Hever decided to renew their old wooden floodlights into more modern floodlights things took a turn for the worse. One neighbour sued the team for construction violations and the city council followed that complaint. The license was taken away and suddenly the stadium was on illegal grounds. After years of court visits KFC Hever finally decided to abandon the ground in 2015 and move fully to the Slagveldweg stadium.

The former chairman however still had a heart for the Melkweg grounds and kept maintaining everything. For years it still looked like this lost ground was in use. But in 2019 a KFC Hever internal decision changed things around again. A new board was voted including a new chairman replacing the old one. The new board wanted to concentrate fully on the Slagveldweg facilities and the Melkweg stadium is now slowly but surely taken over by Mother Nature.

But not just Mother Nature. While visiting it becomes clear vandals and other scum is now using this as a haven of "pleasure". According to other neighbours the police has to pass by regularly to make sure things don't escalate. We wonder if this is what the suing neighbours had envisioned...