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GROUND // Slagveldweg - KFC Hever

Right on the border between provinces Antwerp and Flemish Brabant KFC Hever is one of those typical lower league teams with an interesting infrastructure. Even train passengers can get a glimpse on the game while passing by. A unique sight for sure.

During the 30s quite some teams started football activities, but they didn't always join the Belgian FA immediately. KFC Hever is no exception to that. The exact year they were created is a bit unknown to us, but by the time it was 1937 they joined the Flemish FA. For a number of years the team fought regional battles, ending second in 1938 - their best result.

During the great war the team decided to take the leap from the Flemish to the Belgian FA and so the story started all over again in the lowest regional league. In their first year FC Hever immediately won the league (third regional league at that time), but their stay in the second regional division ended already after one season. In 1952 they managed to return to the second regional division, but it would never last long, such as their relegations to the newly created fourth regional league.

In the beginning FC Hever played their games in the Statiestraat, but in 1958 they had to leave those premises. For a short while the neighbouring Schiplaken was their homeground, but in 1963 the team finally managed to go back to Hever in the Melkweg. Right up until 1980 this would remain their main stadium, but since '80 the current Slagveldweg is their A stadium. We will dive into the Melkweg history at a later stage (small surprise).

In 2019 a new board was voted in the team and immediately some changes were implemented. One of them is related to our surprise, but other changes were small redevelopments in the Slagveldweg stadium and a different focus on the youth teams of KFC Hever. At the moment KFC Hever is playing in the fourth and lowest regional league and it seems like they have some work to do to possibly go back higher up.


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