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GROUND // Benny De Rijckstadion - KFC Werchter

Werchter is mainly known for its festival Rock Werchter, but there is also football history. Next to SK Plenke Werchter, the bigger team is definitely KFC Werchter, playing in the (unofficially named) Benny De Rijckstadion.

FC Werchter joined the Flemish FA in 1935 after it has been founded a year before. There they mainly played in second division until making the step to the Belgian FA in 1942. After a first real season after the war the FA commented on their facilities and FC Werchter remained inactive for two years.

After two years FC Werchter started playing again and they did so with ups and downs. Up until the early 70s they mainly went up and down between the second highest and third highest regional league. But the 70s formed a first peak in their history. In 1973 KFC Werchter (in the meantime) managed to reach the top regional league for the very first time and they stayed until their relegation in 1977.

After six years they returned, but in 1988 it was over. As of then KFC Werchter went down to the complete bottom. Today they still play in the lowest regional league, in the same division as neighbouring SK Plenke Werchter.

Their stadium obviously dates from their peak period in the top regional league, but it seems to be well maintained. Just enough to make this a very charming ground.


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