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GROUND // Boudewijnlaan - Verbroedering Maasmechelen (lost ground)

Besides the two stadiums of Patro Eisden there are dozens of other pitches in the large neighbourhood of Maasmechelen. That also means there are a lot of different teams in the wide neighbourhood. Maybe a bit too much. And the teams started to work on that themselves. In 2013 Cercle Mechelen and Verbroedering Maasmechelen decided to merge and become Eendracht Mechelen-aan-de-Maas. In fact the new team is a continuation of Verbroedering Maasmechelen.

Verbroedering was founded in in 1922. That year Victoria VV was founded. In 1923 Mechelse VV and Standaard VV popped up as well. Back then there were no matricule numbers as of yet. In 1927 the three teams decided to join forces and become Mechelse Sport. Again a year later Cerkel Sportief was founded and both teams promoted to the highest regional leagues throughout the 30s. In 1950 eventually they decided to merge again and continue under the name VV Verbroedering Mechelen-aan-de-Maas. A lot of people from Cerkel Sportief didn't concide into that merge and decided to create CS Mechelen-aan-de-Maas a few years later.

During the 60s Verbroedering suddenly started to have big successes. They promoted to fourth and even third national division. Eventually after seven years the team slowly went back to the regional leagues. During the 80s and 90s the team would go up and down in the regional leagues, while CS Mechelen-aan-de-Maas was working on their national successes. By the end of the 90s the tables turned again. CS would relegate and after more than 3 decades Verbroedering went back to the national leagues. They would go up and down national and regional for a couple of years, spending one season in the same league as Patro Eisden (the bigger team in the neighbourhood) in 2006-2007. The same happened in 2008.

Afterwards Verbroedering and CS both were hassling in the regional leagues and after years of talks finally there was a decision made. Over 60 years after the first merge between Cerkel and Verbroedering the two teams decided to merge again, this time to become Eendracht Mechelen-aan-de-Maas. They used the matricule number of Verbroedering but moved to the stadium of CS. The stadium of Verbroedering was first being used for youth games, but now seems to have been abandoned for a while now. We visited this ground during night time, so we really need to go back there to get a better view on this charming stadium by daylight.

Famous former player of the team is Patrick Teppers. In the youth leagues they had Cem Unal and Karel Geraerts as well.


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