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GROUND // Demerstrand - K Diepenbeek VV De Zwaluw (lost ground)

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. Yet another lost ground added to our list. In Limburg you'll find several beauties. This time we went by the Demerstrand, one of the grounds Diepenbeek VV used in the past. Football in Diepenbeek is actually filled with a hell of a lot of mergers. Latest update is a merger between K Diepenbeek VV De Zwaluw and SK Rooierheide.

The Demerstrand ground was used by Diepenbeek VV since 1948, the year of the foundation of Diepenbeek VV. The team always played in the regional leagues, occasionally even in the top regional league. Later on, during the 80s we assume, De Zwaluw VV Diepenbeek was founded (also always playing in the regional leagues in Limburg) and in 2003 the two teams met each other, joining forces as K Diepenbeek VV De Zwaluw. The newly created team moved to the ground of De Zwaluw VV Diepenbeek, while Demerstrand was used for the B team of the merger.

But there were other teams in the village as well. Shortly after the creation of Diepenbeek VV, SK Diepenbeek was founded. This happened in 1951. In 1972 there were internal struggles and a couple of board members left and created their own SK Rooierheide. All of these teams always played in the regional leagues, just like the other two Diepenbeek teams. All of these teams in one smaller village caused the teams to struggle to attract youth players. In 2001 SK Diepenbeek and SK Rooierheide found each other again and decided to form one team again; SK Rooierheide.

Just now in 2018, the impossible happened. K Diepenbeek VV De Zwaluw and SK Rooierheide merged into one team. The team name changed into KFC Diepenbeek and it was decided the A team will play on the A pitch of Diepenbeek VV De Zwaluw. The ground of SK Rooierheide is the B pitch now, causing this ground here - Demerstrand - to be abandoned. Five grounds in Diepenbeek, with one already demolished in the meantime. We can only deduct other demolitions will happen soon.


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