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GROUND // Elleveldweg - KFC Sparta Haacht Statie

In 1837 (not long after the very first trains on the European continent) the railway station of Haacht was opened. This makes it one of the oldest stations in Belgium, but not necessarily one of the biggest. Not far from that railway station there is a building far bigger and far more famous; the brewery of Haacht. In 1898 Primus was brewed for the very first time and changed the history of Haacht forever. In the shadows of the railway station and the brewery there is a small football team with a charming little stadium: KFC Sparta Haacht Statie.

KFC Sparta Haacht Statie is a serious mouthfull for a team that was founded in 1943 only (although some rumours talk about 1937) and that up until now never made it to the national leagues. Throughout the decades the team went up and down in the regional leagues and currently Sparta Haacht is playing in the lowest regional division. Nevertheless the Elleveldweg stadium is definitely worth a visit.

It has one standing area on one side with the smallest terracing ever. A few name plates must have been hanging there since the 70s or 80s looking at the state of the plates. We don't see this one popping up that frequently, but if you're in the neighbourhood you should visit the team that calls itself "probably the friendliest team in the country".


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