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GROUND // Gemeentelijk Sportstadion - VK Robur Moerzeke

In The Netherlands you'll find quite a lot of teams with a Latin or Greek name. In Belgium it's more of a rarity. Near Hamme though, you'll find VK Robur Moerzeke, one of the exceptions to the rule. And with a charming little ground.

Officially this team was founded in 1944 - yup, during WWII; but to go to the real origin of the team we need to go back to 1910 when FC Robur Moerzeke was founded. Robur was a direct reference to the meaning "power". This was also an indirect provocative sign towards Vigor Hamme which was created two years before. A very nice little touch of Robur Moerzeke. Unfortunately when WWI broke out the team ceased to exist and the people in Moerzeke had to wait until 1944 to be able to play and/or watch football in their hometown again.

Again the name was FC Robur Moerzeke, so we can consider this to be the continuation of the original team. For almost 60 years Robur would mainly play in the second and third regional league, until they managed to reach the highest regional league in 2003. After one year though it was already over, but once they had tasted the sweet taste of this division, they kept fighting to come back again. In 2014 it finally happened, but they would never play that top regional league on their own.

Mainly because in 2014 they decided to join forces with the younger and neighbouring Verenigde Krachten Hamme. The new team name became Verenigde Krachten Robur Moerzeke. Up to this day the former ground of VK Hamme is used as the B pitch. VK Robur still plays their games in Kauter, or Gemeentelijk Sportstadion (its official name). A charming little ground with an attractive seating area in the grandstand.

Let's hope this team goes back to the top regional league soon (as they are in the second regional division currently) and who knows, one day the national leagues.


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