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GROUND // Kartuizerstraat - Stormvogels Haasrode

Leuven isn't immediately known as Belgium's biggest football city. It's mostly a student city. But that doesn't mean it's not a vivid football town. Even in the suburbs football is omnipresent. Haasrode and Blanden are just a few examples.

Haasrode and Blanden are officially part of Oud-Heverlee, but all of them are deeply connected with Leuven. The biggest club of the city does have the latter two combined into one. But the lower league teams are doing great as well. Haasrode and Blanden both have had one team only and only one team though.

Haasrode Sport was created in 1957 and one year later renamed into Voetbalclub Haasrode Sport. Known for their great youth squads, the A-team could never break any records. Haasrode Sport always kept playing in the real lower leagues and after 45 years their accommodation couldn't meet the football standards anymore.

That's why in 1992 a decision was made which would have a huge impact for the village of Haasrode. VC Haasrode Sport underwent a merger with the neighbours from Blanden. They gave up their matricule number and even their own home location. The neighbours from Blanden had a bit more years on their experience list. Stormvogels Blanden already started in 1940, merely a few weeks before the Germans entered Belgium.

Officially Stormvogels Blanden has existed since the early 30s and it was a continuation of the spirit of that time, choosing a Flemish name. After having spent a few years in the Flemish FA, they made the jump to the Belgian FA. The foundation date we base ourselves on is the official date known at the Belgian FA. The results on the pitch were more or less equal to those of Haasrode Sport. Only after the merger in 1992, different results were achieved.

Under the name of Stormvogels Haasrode (playing in Blanden), the club managed to climb up to the second highest regional league several times. But the focus on the youth was never forgotten. One of the more well known names is most likely Mark De Man. He made it to RSC Anderlecht and he even became a Red Devil. In the meantime the team is still playing the second regional league in Flemish Brabant. For some, Stormvogels Haasrode is also known as the successor of the legendary pitch in Emblem used as filming location for Belgian TV-show FC De Kampioenen.

The current accommodation however will not remain too long either. Recently it has been decided the current canteen is not in the greatest condition and it will be demolished early 2023; to be replaced by something brand new. Groundhoppers true to the core will only have a few weeks left to visit this team and their stadium in its current state.

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