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GROUND // Louis De Winter Stadion - KFC Brasschaat

Brasschaat is well known for the rich people and the bigger villas. But there is more to it than just the jetset. Near the majestic castle of Brasschaat, there is a very nice looking stadium. A ground which is being used by KFC Brasschaat.

This is team can be added to the long list of older Antwerp teams and it also played a number of years in the national divisions. The team was founded in 1911 as Sint-Mariaburg Athletic Club. In 1926, the year they received a matricul number, they merged with Amical AC to become Athletic Club Amical Club Sint-Mariaburg (or better known as ACAC Sint-Mariaburg).

Since WWII they changed their name multiple times. First into K. Athletic Club Verbroedering Sint-Mariaburg, later on it became K. Amical Club en Verbroedering Brasschaat. Between 1957 and 1971 they played in third and fourth division, before relegating again to the regional leagues. In 1977 the final name change happened, they finally became KFC Brasschaat. After a number of years in the lower regions and bad leadership, a few members of the team took rights in their own hands in 2012 and tried to direct the team back to where it once was. They seem to be making progression as they just lost the play offs for promotion to the highest regional leagues. They are not there yet, but it is noticable the team has a vision again.

The stadium is in the midst of the green, which makes it very nice to visit and most certainly also to play in. The terracing was changed into a seating area and the grandstand is a nice remainder of the times in the national divisions. 


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