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GROUND // Omer Dewitt Stadion - White Star Club Lauwe

West Flanders doesn't only have nice remainings of the two world wars, but the beautiful province also has some very nice football clubs with a rich history and gorgeous bigger and smaller stadiums. Near the border with France there is the municipality of Lauwe which hosts two football teams. The bigger and better known is K White Star Club Lauwe.

White Star was founded in 1925 and played for the first 40 years of their existence in the regional leagues. Slowly but surely they climbed up to the top and in 1964 they finally made it to the national leagues. After only one season in fourth division, they won the championship and promoted to third division. They stayed there until 1977, the year they relegated to fourth division again. In 1980 they even relegated to the regional leagues again, but after one season only they returned to the national division. Until 1996 when they relegated to the regional leagues again, this time for six seasons. Between 2002 and 2009 they were present again in fourth division. After 2009 it all went downhill and they even dropped down to 7th division. Last year they won that division and slowly they are trying to go back to the national leagues. Although we expect this will take some time.

Remarkable to know is that quite a lot of these days coaches started out their coaching career at K White Star Club Lauwe. Kenneth Brylle, Lorenzo Staelens and Hein Vanhaezebrouck who won the Belgian Championship with KAA Gent in 2015. After some financial problems they started the project KWSCL 2025 which concentrates on financial health and a good youth academy to try to celebrate 100 years of K White Star Lauwe. Let's hope they can celebrate in their beautiful stadium Omer Dewitte!


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