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GROUND // Oude Tiensebaan - VC Bekkevoort

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Back to the unknown areas of the lower league football in Belgium, after we went for a couple of visits in the first division. Right next to Diest, Bekkevoort has been active for decades in the regional leagues of Brabant and later on Flemish Brabant.

Fans of football in Bekkevoort had to wait for a very long time and had to look in the neighbouring villages for any football galore. Diest in particular will have had quite a few fans from Bekkevoort, but Leuven and Beringen are not that far away either. But ever since 1952 the village can call itself the proud owner of its own football team. Voetbalclub Bekkevoort was created that year.

To be a bit more precise, the homebase of the team is actually in Robbesrode (Robbesove as they call it in Bekkevoort), a very small part within the village borders. The history of VC Bekkevoort has always been regional, but they managed to get quite the followers. Especially the local derbies gained some attraction. For a short while these derbies were fought out with FC Assent, which had a very short and stormy life. The life of VC Bekkevoort has been a lot more stable.

For the bigger part of its existence, VC Bekkevoort spent footballing time in the third and fourth regional league. Once they even ended last in the lowest regional league, but there have been some ups as well. A couple of times the club managed to reach the second regional league, but it's always been a one year trip. So far they didn't manage to go higher than that. It's therefore almost amazing to see VC Bekkevoort has a small stand with a seated area.

That accommodation has been in use since 1977, not by coincidence when they celebrated their 25th anniversary. To this day it's still in use, which means they managed to add quite some years after that. Officially VC Bekkevoort can request the royal title, but they didn't do that so far. However, that doesn't mean it's not worth a visit. Especially Bekkevoort's seated stand and some small extra items from the 70s are the highlights. They're especially proud of their own built outside bar!

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