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GROUND // Pijnbroekstraat - KV Brucom Sportief

The Sint-Pieters-Leeuw area (Vlaams Brabant) is a fine destination for all lowerleague loving groundhoppers. Plenty of nice grounds around to be discovered. Brucom Sportief, a 30 minutes drive from the centre of Brussels, is no exception on that matter.

Football club Brucom Sportief has quite a history. They started out in 1916 already, but didn't join the Belgian Football Association until 1927, being handed matricule number 1081. The rivalling neighbours of FC Zuun (we are definitely planning a visit there soon!) followed two years later.

The odd color combination of yellow-green was actually a coincidence for Brucom Sportief: they were the club colours of the neighbouring team of Buizingen who stopped their activities in 1925 and sold their yellow-green jerseys. A bargain!

Up until World War II Brucom Sportief played the provincial leagues. After the war, having too few players to stay active, they had to cope with financial obstacles to be able to restart the team. Brucom's player Jozef Walraevens was sold to the almighty Union Saint Gilles for a 150.000 BEF transfer fee, creating the necessary money for a restart. The new team always played the provincial leagues, up until now.

Football club Brucom Sportief had to move 6 times to various locations around the Brukom district, before they could finally end up at their current location in the Pijnbroekstraat in 1956. The neighbouring teams scornfully called this ground "het hellend vlak", which means it wasn't very straight. Indeed, the training ground is somewhat downhill (this was the A-pitch in that time), but that just adds to the charm.

The ground is typically Belgian lowerleague, but it has a very nice grandstand dating from the seventies. The club-colored dug-outs and the downhill B-pitch overlooking the nice countryside definitely make it worth a visit!


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