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GROUND // Prinsenparkstadion - KSC Grimbergen

Grimbergen and football don't really match that well. The stadium of KSC Grimbergen is almost too nice to be a football ground. It's green, it's spacious, and it's the absolute opposite of your typically Belgian narrowly built football ground in decay.

When you go for a stroll in the Prinsenpark in Grimbergen, you can stumble across an abandoned castle, a playground, a chapel, and a football stadium. That's an interesting walk in the park! Unfortunately the Prinsenbosstadion is not as interesting. It's actually nothing more than an odd roof leaning over a small all-seater. That's it. Which is also the reason why some games in their 2015-2016 season had to be played somewhere else. There's no separation between the home and away fans, which is mandatory in third national league when the games are listed as risky. This was the case in their games against KFCO Beerschot-Wilrijk and FC Liege last season.

However, the Prinsenbosstadion is well worth a visit because of the laid-back feeling and the nice sight seeing. The majestic Sint-Servaas church can be seen standing on the pitch, and the abandoned Prinsenkasteel castle is just around the corner. And last but not least, after the game you can drink a Grimbergen beer. Unfortunately that's brewed somewhere else since decades, but let's be romantic and forget about that for a while!

KSC Grimbergen has a hate-love affaire with 4th national league, falling in and out a dozen of times. Nowadays the team is flying high, being in the third tier for the 7th year in a row! But it's a tough fight, cause the past 3 years they've been very close to the relegation spots. How long can they keep it up?


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