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GROUND // Roosburg - SC Zichen-Zussen-Bolder (lost ground)

Lost ground alert! Again! In the middle of the green fields in the beautiful province of Limburg, not that far away from the Dutch border, you can find (at least for now) the remaining ruins of the Roosburg stadium of the former SC Zichen-Zussen-Bolder. Abandoned since 2010, now ready to be demolished.

Football in Zichen-Zussen-Bolder already dates back to the 30s. Between 1937 and 1948 Stella Voetbalvereeniging Sichen-Sussen-Bolder was active and almost simultaneously (between 1938 and 1946) there was Zussen VV. Both teams ceased activities after WWII and not long after Sportclub Zichen-Zussen-Bolder was founded. This happened in 1954. For most of their existence SCZZB played in the lower regional leagues. For almost half a century SCZZB led a peaceful football life. The start of the new millennium was the start of something new.

As of 2004 the team continued their way up in the regional leagues and they ended up in the top regional league in 2009. They even made it to the playoffs for promotion to the national divisions, but they just missed the actual promotion. That very quick rise also had its consequences. Financially the team struggled and in December 2010 they had to file for bankruptcy. Early 2011 everything was over and out for the team.

The stadium? Well - up until 2003 the stadium was nothing more than a bar, some dressing rooms and a pitch. But in 2003 the board decided to uplift the stadium. This already give the team a bad financial aftermath. The brothers Loverix (both ex-Hedera Millen) joined the team and made sure there was a professional injection. They brought former Sint-Truiden player Wilfried Sleurs, the famous Jean-Marie Abeels and a couple of other well known regional men to the team. More fans came to SCZZB and and old seating stand from STVV was bought and placed in the Roosburg stadium.

Up until 2013 the stadium was still well maintained by a couple of volunteers, hoping the team would come back and a local farmer using the stands to store his stuff. After 2013 all hope was gone. A neighbouring production site started to take over the stadium more and more without actually maintaining. Now the stadium is very close to demolition. Hurry up and visit this one this year still if you want to experience something wonderful.


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