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GROUND // Rue des Béguines - R Union Momalloise

Somewhere in the middle of the green fields in the province of Liège, there is an absolute gem to be found with a rather unexpected experience in the national football leagues. Union Momalloise in the small village of Momalle, part of Rémicourt.

You can call it a hidden treasure, not only for the football history but also for the beautiful landscapes. Nobody would expect they already had a football team in 1922. That's the year when Union Momalloise was first founded. Already in 1934 they gained promotion to the national leagues for the very first time, although it was only for one season. A few years later the team was even decomissioned. That happened in 1938.

It's not 100% sure, but very likely the old team members refounded Union Momalloise in 1941, only three years after they ceased activities and in full war period. It's only sad they had to abandon the matricule number 184 they first had and now have to live with number 2947. This time however it took a bit longer before they played the national leagues; until 1962 that is. Then it was fourth division (compared to the third division in 1934).

This time they stayed for seven years straight before relegating back to the regional leagues. But it wasn't over as in the 70s and 80s Union Momalloise would also play in fourth division. In 1978 they returned to the national leagues and apart from one year in the regional leagues in between, they would stay there until 1985. Ever since they haven't seen any national football anymore.

In 2013 they briefly moved to a pitch in the neighbouring Hodeige, even changing their name into RFC Momalle Hodeige, but in the meantime (and we can't seem to find when exactly) they returned to their old stadium and their old name.

Currently Union Momalloise is playing in the second highest regional league. Cool fact in the province of Liège: the top regional league is called the Ferodo One league and the second highest regional league is called the Ergo league.

Ever passing by Liège? Please stop in Momalle to witness this wonderful run down (partly wooden) stand. It looks like a maintained lost ground, but it's not. Absolutely supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!


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