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GROUND // Rue du Moulin - FC Hélécine (lost ground)

Hélécine, in the French speaking part of Brabant, is not blessed with a promising football tradition unfortunately. Nowadays there is a beautiful lost ground near the touristic domain, only able to tell a sad history for lower league football and currently housing Harley Davidson bikers from time to time.

In the 50s Hélécine saw football for the very first time with the foundation of Union Hélécinoise. Throughout their history we believe they always played in the regional leagues and unfortunately they had to fold in 2009 (almost ten years ago already).

During the early 90s the neighbouring Lincent saw Union Lincentoise being created and throughout the years they renamed to FC Hélécine (hard to find out when exactly and whether they moved from Lincent to Hélécine as well or had always played in Hélécine. Anyway, this team nearly had the same history as Union Hélécinoise; they never reached national football.

Although the history of FC Hélécine is a lot shorter than the one of Union Hélécinoise, we do regret to see they also had to fold, only 5 years after Union folded. Ever since this ground has been abandoned; at least for football. The cafe area seems to be still in use by Harley Davidson bikers.

Future will have to tell of the village of Hélécine will ever see football again.


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