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GROUND // Sportcentrum De Koekoek - KFCMD Halen

If we see strange abbreviations in football teams names, then we are highly interested right away. And there's one province in Flanders that leaves all the rest behind on this matter: Limburg. Torpedo Hasselt, Esperanza Pelt, Kabouters Opglabbeek (Gnomes Opglabbeek), Patro Eisden, Arbeid Adelt Rekem (Labor Ennobles Rekem), Weerstand Koersel (Resistance Koersel), Vlug en vrij Stokkem (Fast & Free Stokkem), Stormvogels Rosmeer (Stormbirds Rosmeer), and of course KFC Moedige Duivels Halen (Courageous Devils Halen).

We wondered in what kind of hellfire the courageous devils crush their opponents: Sportcentrum De Koekoek is not necessarily the kind of hell you'd expect. What's it like then? Charming, cozy, and with quite a nice grandstand.

The stadium dates back to 1963 and time has served it well. The Halen football temple was festively inaugurated with a match between the legendary first division teams FC Diest and Thor Waterschei. Those were also the greatest teams that would ever enter the stadium.

Moedige Duivels Halen is the child of a successful marriage between Moedig Vooruit Halen (Courageously Forward Halen) and Groene Duivels Halen (Green Devils Halen). On July 21 1943 the two clubs came together under the name FC Moedige Duivels Halen. That merger was launched in the third provincial league (7th tier), which was the lowest league at that time. But then came the 60s, an era in which the club had a very successful period. In just five years time the Devils climbed from third provincial league to 4th national. KFCMD Halen managed to stay in fourth division for some years, but the downfall began in 1970. Five seasons later the courageous devils went back to the provincial leagues. To this date, the green whites still play provincial.


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