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GROUND // Stade Adolphe Hisette - CS Toernich

Only a couple of hundred meters away from the Stade Avenue Longwy in Arlon, there is still the old home ground of the former Royale Jeunesse Arlonaise. It's been in use for over 100 years now, although the current team using it is CS Toernich.

The Stade Adolphe Hisette has been the home base of RJ Arlonaise for just little over 90 years. The team made quite some turbulence in the national divisions, but the last few years of its existence were spent in the regional leagues. After the short passage of Racing Club d'Arlon between 1906 and 1913, the team found new life in 1919 under the name of Jeunesse Arlonaise. We already went more into details in this article.

Sadly enough the matricule number and the club itself disappeared in 2010 after a merger with the neighbours of FC Le Lorrain Arlon. The beautiful stadium wasn't abandoned however. Even though the merger went to play in the old ground of Le Lorrain, the ladies team of RJ Arlonaise (added in 1971) left the team in 2010 - to continue with their own matricule number - playing in the Stade Adolphe Hisette.

But the sportive results didn't last for long as in 2017 the team decided to cease activities. For a while it looked like the Beau Site (as the Stade Adolphe Hisette is being called as well) would become a lost ground after all. But then CS Toernich offered a solution. They moved to the Beau Site the same year and started using their own facilities as their B stadium.

Cercle Sportif Toernich was founded in 1970. Since 1977 the village is a part of the bigger Arlon, but still CS Toernich was the very first team in the village. And they're still very much alive and kicking. They never managed to reach the national divisions though and right now they are still in the third regional league of the province of Luxembourg, the lowest level. But we couldn't be more thrilled they decided to give this historical stadium a second life!

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