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GROUND // Stade André Cheron - Union Sportive Rebecquoise

Updated: Jul 9, 2022

Fairytales still exist. Every once in a while, a small local team climbs up from the dirt and grows into the higher divisions of football. This is what's happening with a club from the small town of Rebecq in Walloon Brabant.

Right next to Tubize, and not that far away from the language border in Belgium, Rebecq has been enjoying the beautiful nature. The amount of inhabitants never grew exponentially. And it's all very noticeable when we look at their one and only football team. In 1930 already, Cercle Sportif Rebecquois was created. Ever since they have almost always played in the regional leagues.

The biggest developments in the club were found next to the pitch. They received the royal title in 1955 and a few mergers happened where the identity of RCS Rebecquois was never altered. They took over Union Sportive Quenastoise in 1998 and the official club name became Royale Union Sportive Rebecquoise. US Quenastoise orginally came from Quenast, a small part of the village of Rebecq, and never reached the national divisions.

In 2010 a new merger happened. This time with KVC Hoger-Op De Hoek. Due to a change in rules around mergers in the Belgian FA, RUS Rebecquoise did have to give up its royal title again. Officially their name is Union Sportive Rebecquoise. But they won't complain if you look at what they have achieved since 2010.

Because that year Union Sportive Rebecquoise promoted to the second regional division and it marked the start of a wonderful series. In 2014, just four years later, they found themselves in the national divisions for the first time ever. And even there they did great. Right now Union Sportive Rebecquoise are in the second national division (which is the fourth level in Belgium) and still they're going strong. Recently the club refused to merge with the neighbouring AFC Tubize (who found a different solution to survive afterwards). It's a beautiful story for a team that even managed to eliminate a first division team in the Cup in 2019/20.

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