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GROUND // Stade Fallon - R Léopold FC

Earlier this year we already visited the old homeground of Leopold FC, a stadium that's now only being used by the youth teams of the team and by a local team in Uccle. As of 2014 the first team of Leopold FC moved to Stade Fallon in Woluwe (also in the Brussels region).

Stade Fallon was originally built for Royal White Star Bruxelles, but as of 1960 White Star AC, a team which was founded in 1909 and had matricule number 47, played in this stadium. This was also the matricule number of the later and famous RWDM. In 1963 the team merged with the great Racing Club de Bruxelles to form Royal Racing White. The new team started playing in Stade Fallon. During the 60s and the early 70s this stadium saw football in first and second division, up until the moment the team merged again to form RWDM and moved to Stadium Edmond Machtens in 1973.

The stadium was solely for Royal White Star Bruxelles again. This team was originally founded in 1948 as FC Kappelleveld. Two years later the name was professionalised and changed into Woluwe FC. As of 1954 the team already played at Stade Fallon, but due to certain disputes the team moved to Kappelleveld again in 1959. After the merge between White Star AC and Racing Club de Bruxelles in 1963 Woluwe FC took over the name of the old White Star AC to become White Star Woluwe FC. Even the colours and symbols were taken over. Up until then this team never made it to the big leagues.

In 1970 the team went through some dark times. There were talks to merge with Racing White or Olympic Stockel, but both deals fell through. The team however did fall back to the lowest regional leagues. In 1972 they even had to move out of their pitch on Kappelleveld. They returned to Stade Fallon, but had to play on the B pitch as Racing White was still using the A pitch. After the merge with Daring Club de Bruxelles in 1973 the new RWDM moved to Stadium Edmond Machtens and White Star Woluwe FC could move back to the A pitch of Stade Fallon. Slowly but surely the team managed to crawl out of the dark ages.

In 2003 the team reached the national divisions for the very first time and immediately afterwards managed to promote to third division. In 2011 they even managed to promote to the second division. But for the second time the team faced financial problems. In 2013 they were at the verge of filing for bankruptcy, but they were saved by investors out of Dubai. In the summer of 2013 the team changed its name into White Star Bruxelles. Ever since it's been playing in second division. In 2014 however they decided to move away from Stade Fallon to the free Stadium Edmond Machtens. After the disappearance of the great RWDM the stadium wasn't in use. This year however RWDM saw a new daylight and ever since there have been big discussions between White Star and the new RWDM. Their history already goes back to the early 60s...

Stade Fallon wasn't left football-less. In 2014 Leopold FC moved away from their old homeground in Uccle and started playing in Stade Fallon. The stadium is very remarkable due to the fact there are 6 football pitches next to each other, the blue athletics track around the A pitch in the stadium and the wonderful Elascon grandstand.


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