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GROUND // Stade Justin Peeters - Racing Jet Wavre

The Stade Justin Peeters, as it is officially named, was first opened in 1923. Who first played in this stadium is a big mystery as the current team only was founded in 1944 as Racing Club de Jette. This team never reached any high leagues the highest was third division) and merged with Royal Stade de Bruxelles (formerly known as RUS Laeken) in 1970. In 1979 the team reached second division and competed for a ticket in first division. It was only in 1988 the team moved to Wavre and changed their name into Racing Jet Wavre. Ever since it went downhill. They relegated to third division pretty fast; went up and down between third and fourth division for a while and now they play in fifth division.

Most likely Wavre Sports was the first inhabitant of this stadium. It always was the biggest team in Wavre until Racing Jet de Bruxelles moved to Wavre in 1988. Wavre Sports merged with Royale Union Limaloise to become Royal Wavre Limal and moved to the stadium of RU Limaloise in 1988. It's known RJ Wavre took over the logo and colors or Wavre Sports for a long time. Last year they took over the old Racing Jet de Bruxelles colors again.

Two years ago a part of the stadium was demolished due to high maintenance costs. On the other side of where the grandstand now is there used to be a second grandstand, but due to the high maintenance costs it was neglected. After a while it became too dangerous to use it or renovate it.


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