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GROUND // Stade Nestor Nicolas Dehu - RFC Étincelle Bray Maurage

If you want to go lower league, La Louvière is a sweet spot. In Maurage you can find the very lovely Stade Nestor Nicolas Dehu, a lower league ground with magnificent terracing and a wonderful grandstand, all built into one. The main entrance to the stadium is one straight out of the books, definitely an absolute gem.

It did take until 1930 before this small village had its own team. When had just participated in the first official World Cup tournament in Uruguay a couple of people decided to start up FC Étincelle Maurage. For over 25 years the team fought their battles in the regional leagues in Hainaut, but one year after they became a royal team they finally made it to the national leagues for the very first time. This happened in 1958. They stayed there until 1963, with a magnificent seventh place in 1961. To this day still their best result.

Unfortunately they would never see national football again and the next 56 years RFC Étincelle Maurage would go up and down again in the regional leagues. One important remark though. In 1999 the team underwent a merger with the neighbouring FC de Bray. The team name respectfully became RFC Étincelle Bray Maurage, but all of the rest stayed the same.

Although the merger didn't bring any successes on the field afterwards (currently second highest regional league, but they have been lower as well), it still lives and breaths the national football atmosphere that was once there. The current stadium, its terracing and the grandstand must have been built right in the period the team was active in the national fourth division.


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