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GROUND // Stade Raymond Dienne - UR La Louvière Centre B & youth

Not that far away from Stade du Tivoli in La Louvière we can find an equally majestic stadium. In Haint Saint Pierre (part of La Louvière) Stade Raymond Dienne has been the home ground of URS Centre for years. Up until the moment RAAL had to cease all activities.

It all started in 1922 when Union Sportive du Centre was founded. Fairly quickly (in 1931) they managed to reach national football and four years later they even promoted to the second division. In 1937 they even finished as runner up, but during WWII the results started going downhill. They went up and down between second and third division. In 1952 they ended last in second division and due to the new competition formula US Centre relegated to fourth division in one season. One year later they even relegated back to the regional leagues.

Up until 1965 the team went from third division to the top regional league and back up again. But in 1965 they found consistency. Unfortunately by remaining in the regional leagues for a decade. Between 1975 and the early 80s they started going up and down again and by the time the 80s really began URS Centre managed to remain in the national leagues for a longer period again.

As good as the 80s were, the 90s were regional football again. In 2001 they finally returned to fourth division and immediately with good football. That resulted in a return to third division in 2008. In the meantime URS Centre had just moved to Stade du Tivoli and in 2008/09 they ended up in the same division as rivals RAAL. At the end of that season RAAL went bankrupt and URS Centre took over the title of best team in the city.

URS remained in Stade du Tivoli, but RACS Couillet moved there as well changing their name into Football Couillet-La Louvière (to take over the spot of RAAL). That wasn't a success and two years later they moved back to Charleroi becoming FC Charleroi and later on RC Charleroi-Couillet-Fleurus. In the meantime in 2011 URS Centre changed its name into UR La Louvière Centre and still plays in the national leagues with occasionally very good results.

Very recently URLC is back in rivalry with RAAL. The earlier mentioned RC Charleroi-Couillet-Fleurus moved back to La Louvière for a second time, changing its name into RAAL La Louvière. The game is on between URLC and RAAL.

In the meantime Stade Raymond Dienne is only used for matched of the reserves and the youth teams. Most of the times even on one of the side pitches of the stadium. You'll rarely see a game again on the A-pitch of this wonderful stadium.


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