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GROUND // Stade Yernaux - SC Montignies

The area of Charleroi is a pure goldmine for the groundhoppers among us. Next to the very well known teams in Charleroi, there are also very nice stadiums to see in the neighbouring Montignies-sur-Sambre. Just a couple of 100 meters from Olympic Charleroi and Sporting Charleroi you can find Stade Yernaux.

These days the stadium is being used by SC Montignies and a number of teams in other sports. SC Montignies was only founded in 2004 and worked its way up to the second highest regional level. It will be just a matter of time before all teams in Charleroi will reach the national divisions (with three in the national leagues currently already).

The area itself is already 76 years old, mainly being used by other sports teams such as fighting clubs, volleyball, basketball and a swimming team. It was only in 1989 the football stadium was built as well. You can see the typical 80s and 90s influences in the architecture of the stadium. This was also still the period terracing was common use and Stade Yernaux has a very fine terracing around the pitch. The environment is very cool, with the pitch being surrounded by a lot of trees. It must be nice to play a game there, although it's very sad to see the pitch is artificial.

The obscure thing about the stadium is that it is almost unretrievable which football team played there between 1989 and 2004, before SC Montignies came to play there. If anyone has any idea about the historical facts, please share them with us!


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