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GROUND // Waalborre - FC Asse-Zellik 2002

The Brussels region is rich with beautiful stadiums and we still have a lot to do there. But there are some small beauties just outside of Brussels as well. It just so happens the stadium of FC Asse-Zellik 2002 currently embraces Brussels... Let us explain.

The stadium itself has an unknown history, but we must say it's quite big. It does not only contain an A pitch some a very small grandstand and exceptionally nice terracing, but it also has a B pitch, a recreational area, a tennis court and an indoor sports centre. Quite big for a community like Asse. The team playing in this stadium is FC Asse-Zellik 2002, a fairly young team. Midway the 20th century (exact year is unknown) Zellik Sport was founded. The team never made it to the national leagues. The only remarkable thing in their history is the fact that Gilles De Bilde started his football career at Zellik Sport. In 2002 they made it to the highest regional league. In that year it was decided Zellik Sport would join forces with KSV Asse (they did make it to the national leagues a few times, but in 2002 they were relegated to 7th division). FC Asse-Zellik 2002 became the new name, they kept the matricule number of Zellik Sport but went to play in Asse. In 2004-2005 there were big financial problems and the team came close to splitting up again, but a new board took over and ever since there is peace. They are slowly trying to go to the national leagues.

But then we come to the reason why this is embracing Brussels. In 2002 the oldest team in Brussels ceased to exist. The merger between Racing Club de Bruxelles, White Star AC and Daring Club de Bruxelles, the infamous RWDM, couldn't survive anymore. Ever since numerous actions have been taken to keep the team alive. KFC Strombeek tried to be the successor, changing its name into FC Brussels, but they had to cease all actions in 2014 after having changed their name into RWDM Brussels FC the year before. In 2003 RWDM 2003 was founded, but it wasn't seen as the successor of the old RWDM. The team still exists and plays in the lowest regional league. The fans were left behind... But 2015 is a very exciting year for them. A new project was started and after the merge between Standaard Wetteren and Wetteren-Kwatrecht a group bought the unused matricule number. This would give the new RWDM a chance to start over and in 4th division. The plan was to start playing again in the Stadium Edmond Machtens (the old stadium of Daring Club de Bruxelles and currently homeground of White Star Brussels), but second division team WS Brussels is reluctant to have RWDM rejoice them in the stadium. FC Asse-Zellik 2002 offered them the possibility to temporarily play in their stadium until a final solution is found. Both teams will very well benefit from this as RWDM gets a new chance and FC Asse-Zellik 2002 will have hundreds (or thousands) of visitors.

Following RWDMs history we still have to visit the Stadium Edmond Machtens (and we sincerely hope they will play there again soon) and the annex field of Stadium King Baudouin.


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