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GROUND // Argos Stadion Achter de Kazerne - KV Mechelen

KV Mechelen's Achter de Kazerne is one of the most rebuild stadiums across the world. The first part of this article shows the ground before the renovation in 2016. The second part features the new stands.

YR KV Mechelen is one of those everlasting first division teams in Belgium. The team was founded in 1904, only a few weeks after KRC Mechelen was founded. As of 1921 the team played in first division, although not consistently. It often had periods where it tumbled to second division and even, after a financial start through in 2002, third division. Their homeground is Achter De Kazerne (Behind Army Barracks), because there used to be army barracks next to the stadium. They were demolished in the 1990s and telecom provider Telenet built their premises there. The past years Telenet is shirt sponsor of KV Mechelen. In 2003 the name of the stadium changed to Scarlet Stadium Achter De Kazerne, making it the very first Belgian team to name their stadium to their head sponsor. For a short while it was named Veolia Stadium Achter De Kazerne, before its current name Argos Stadium Achter De Kazerne.

In 1988 KV Mechelen won a European trophy, making it the last Belgian team up to today to have won a European trophy. Ever since those glory days, talks started to build a new and futuristic stadium for KV Mechelen. After decades of making plans and discussing, there was a decision. The stadium will change dramatically.

Update: In 2016 the stadium capacity was raised from approximately 12.000 to 16.672. Two stands were broken down and new ones, 2 storey high, were built in place.


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