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GROUND // De Schalk - KVC Willebroek-Meerhof (lost ground)

This ground was only built in 1984 but already it's not in use anymore. Due to this it's now one of the most beautiful stadiums in Belgium which is being neglected.

SV Willebroek was the original user of the stadium. They were founded in 1919 and quickly became one of  the best teams in Belgium in second and third division. In the early 1930s they moved to Henry Pickery Stadium where they played until 1984. Throughout all of these years they always played in the national leagues.

Around the time they moved to Stadium De Schalk the financial problems started for the team. They went up and down between fourth and fifth division and in 2000 a merge was inevitable. They merged with FC Meerhof to become KVC Willebroek-Meerhof. In 2004 they finally reached third division again, but when the team relegated in 2010 it was decided to call for bankruptcy. In 2011 the curtain fell for the team. A new team was founded the same year (Willebroekse SV) but they couldn't afford playing in De Schalk. Ever since the stadium is unused. There are number of plans to break down the stadium but up until now it still shines in old glory.


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