GROUND // Anfield - Liverpool FC (England)

We go back over the Channel to England. It's been a while, but when offered the opportunity to go and watch a Liverpool game we just couldn't say no. We won't go too deep into the recent Liverpool history though as we reckon everyone knows this.

In 1892 John Houlding (owner of Anfield) and Everton FC had a dispute. This was the start of a magical thing for all current Liverpool FC fans. Liverpool FC was created. Originally the name was Everton FC & Athletic Grounds Ltd, but the FA refused this name. Liverpool FC was approved and after Everton FC moved to Goodison Park, Anfield became the home ground of the new Liverpool FC. Liverpool joined the second division and in its first year Liverpool FC won the league and promoted to first division.

The successes began pretty much immediately. In 1901 and in 1906 Liverpool FC won the championship and lost their first FA cup final in 1914. In 1922 and '23 two new championships followed, but then they had to wait until after WWII for another trophy, 1947. Unfortunately in 1954, after six decades of first division football, Liverpool FC relegated back to second division. This time it would take them a while to come back to first division, which finally happened in 1962, winning it again in 1964. The golden sixties also gave them their first FA cup victory (in 1965) after having lost two finals earlier.

Ever since they have been winning cups, championships and European trophies on a very regular basis. We're not going to count them are sum them all up, but it's fair to say Liverpool FC has become one of the biggest teams in the UK. Lately, with Jürgen Klopp they're back at their winning streak. But it hasn't always been fun and glory for the team. In 1985 they were one of the teams in the Heysel Stadium disaster in Belgium. As if that (and the punishment received afterwards) wasn't enough, they were also one of the teams in the Hillsborough disaster in 1989.

Although there is a big rivalry with Everton there are some remarks to make. For two years Liverpool FC played in the same colours as Everton FC, only changing to the well known red outfit in 1894. In 1979 they were the first team in England to have a shirt sponsor. Furthermore Liverpool fans consider Manchester United their biggest rivals, while Everton FC take on Liverpool FC. The Merseyside derby is however considered to be one of the friendliest derbies in the world, and we were able to experience this first hand as we witnessed the Merseyside derby.

YNWA... Liverpool is pretty much married with the song "You'll Never Walk Alone". It's been in use by the fans since the early 60s and it's globally known by everyone - this is Liverpools song! It's even part of Liverpools legacy in the meantime and the phrase has been included into their crest and is seen all over their stadium. A stadium which has been in use already since 1884, although originally by Everton FC. A dispute over rent was the main reason for Everton to move out and build their own Goodison Park right next to Anfield and the main reason for Liverpool FC.

With the Belgian explosion and popularity in England the last years, it's a miracle only three Belgians have ever played for Liverpool FC; Christian Benteke, Simon Mignolet and Divock Origi. Origi is the only one who still plays there.