GROUND // Bekaert Stadion - VC K Zwevegem Sport

Do we want oldschool terracing? Do we want them in an odd shape? Do we like a nice worn down grandstand? Yes! We like all of that. And we can find it in the Bekaert Stadion in Zwevegem. Let's dive in their history.

1940. WWII has been going on for a couple of months now. But that doesn't stop a couple of enthousiast football lovers to start a new team. Witte Kaproenen Zwevegem was created. The war sure didn't make things easy on them, but the next two years two would defend their colours through the beautiful game. In 1942 they continued albeit under a new name; Voetbalclub Zwevegem Sport. Again three years later the war was over and Zwevegem Sport felt ready to join the Belgian FA.

A wonderful era started. In just a couple of years time they managed to reach the top regional league (in 1953) and five years later they managed to promote to the national divisions. Between 1958 and 1962 the team managed to survive and even compete for promotion to third division. This actually happened in 1962. The next eight years would be the absolute dream for the team with a fourth place in 1963 and 1966. Unfortunately in 1970 they relegated back to fourth division.

For thirteen years VC K Zwevegem Sport would try to go back to third division, often ending the season in the top 5, but in 1983 the national years ceased to exist for the team in West Flanders. They had to go back to the regional leagues. All throughout the 80s they would remain in the top regional league and apart from one year back on the national level (1993-1994) they would stay there. In the last years of the 90s they even had to play in the second regional league. Luckily Zwevegem Sport managed to go back to fourth division in 2003. Unfortunately it was again for only one year and up to this day the last year.

Since 2004 it has been constant struggle in the two highest regional leagues of which the last four years in the second league. In 2018 the further existence of the team was in danger, but fan participation and a new board took over and the club revived. The results on the green still have to come as they are positioned in the lower half of the table right now, but looking at the support the team has (proven by the fan participation a year ago and the amount of people present during the derby against KFC Moen) we are confident sooner or later VC K Zwevegem Sport will be back in the national leagues.

The team has always played on the exact same location and apart from some modifications throughout the decades the Bekaert Stadion pretty much still lives and breathes the old national division times. What a wonderful terracing behind one of the goals and what a beautiful grandstand (with on the opposite end a more recent stand as well).