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GROUND // Beverdijk - KVC Haacht C

Still in Haacht with a ground that can be considered to be somewhat of a lost ground. At least, it doesn't witness any A football anymore, but is only used for youth and training purposes. The Beverdijk complex of the former Stade Haacht.

The youngest team in Haacht was created in the early 80s (we believe 1981) and has always played in the lower regional leagues. Name and ground have always been the same; Stade Haacht started playing in the Beverdijk complex and looking at the stands built, it seems these are dating from the 80s. With three teams in a smaller village like Haacht, there is no use in having great ambitions and Stade Haacht actually put fun more into the picture than actually trying to get into the national leagues.

Nowadays nothing reminds to the Stade era anymore. The merger KV Olympia Haacht Wespelaar already started working together with Stade Haacht for the youth teams in 2005 and it was only a matter of time everything became one. In 2011 this finally happened and KV Olympia and Stade became the now known KVC Haacht. The matricule number of the old Wespelaar Sportief was kept. The team continued playing in the Hoogveld complex and this Beverdijk complex is now the C pitch.

We would all expect this to be demolished any time soon, but it doesn't look like this is going to happen. Up until very recently all old memories and logos of Stade were still visible, but KVC Haacht has put the time, effort and money into updating everything. Nothing from Stade to be seen, instead all logos of KVC have replaced these. Nice to see it's being kept (although we would have loved a small Stade touch still).


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