GROUND // Burgemeester Cloetensstadion - KVC Haacht B

The last part of our KVC Haacht trilogy; stepping outside the Haacht borders and going into Wespelaar. Wespelaar Sportief was the oldest of the three and the only football team in the village. Now the stadium is a training facility, surrounded by other sports activities.

In 1922 FC Wespelaar Sportief was created and immediately joined the Belgian FA. Four years later matricule number 490 was given and Wespelaar Sportief started their tour in the regional leagues. The first four decades the team mainly played the lower regional leagues with the sixties brought successes to the area. After celebrating the title in the second regional division Wespelaar Sportief remained in the top regional league for a number of years and often played for promotion to the national leagues.

Unfortunately once the sixties were over those successes ceased to exist as well. They relegated back to the regional leagues. In 1992 FC Wespelaar Sportief finally returned to the top regional league. Officially for one year though as in 1993 the merger with the neighbouring FC Olympia Haacht happened. The new team, KV Olympia Wespelaar (with the matricule number of Wespelaar, but playing in the Hoogveld stadium of Olympia Haacht), enjoyed that top regional league for a short while.

While the Burgemeester Cloetensstadion converted into a B pitch (training facility) it extended its other sports activities. You can clearly see the history of FC Wespelaar Sportief, but football isn't the main priority anymore. Unfortunately, but on the other hand it is still wonderful to see how stadiums of lost teams remain in use somehow.