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GROUND // Dreef - K Eendracht Buggenhout

In the shadow of Dendermonde you can find Buggenhout and its submunicipalities Opstal and Opdorp. To know the history of football in those villages we have to go back to 1935. That's when Voetbalvereeniging Sparta Buggenhout was created. 85 years later the landscape of football looks completely different.

Even though VV Sparta Buggenhout started in 1935, they didn't join the Belgian FA until 1942. Before they played in the Flemish FA. When they joined the Belgian FA, the official name became Sparta Buggenhout. For a couple of decades the team would use Sportvereniging Sparta Buggenhout and Sportvereniging Sparta Buggenhout, but the name would always be Sparta Buggenhout officially. For the Sparta naming, the team was inspired by Sparta Praag and the Belgian legend Raymond Braine who played there at the time.

Sparta would always play in the regional leagues and in 1953 they got the company of a team in Opstal. That's when Eendracht Opstal was founded. Unlike Sparta, Eendracht did immediately wish to join the Belgian FA. Their first attempt was denied due to discrepancies with their facilities. Two years later their second attempt was accepted. The real derbies started and both Sparta and Eendracht would go up and down in the regional leagues for quite some time.

Before they would reach their best results, both teams moved to new facilities. During the 1971-1972 season, Eendracht moved to their current stadium and in 1989 Sparta moved to its last home. Both teams had reached the top regional league, but for Sparta that would also be the highest they'd ever go. Eendracht on the other hand would take it up a notch. In 2003 they managed to go to the national divisions for the very first time via playoffs.

For six straight years, Eendracht would enjoy national football in fourth division. They even managed to end on the seventh place twice. Sadly enough it was all over in 2009. The team from Opstal relegated back to the regional leagues. The result would mainly be one of modern football: Eendracht and Sparta decided to join forces and become Eendracht Buggenhout. The Dreef stadium of Opstal became the main home stadium and even their matricule number was kept. Right now the team has been playing the second highest regional league for a while.

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