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GROUND // Dreef - KRC Haaltert (lost ground)

We already wrote about the history of FC Kerksken. That team underwent a merger in 2020 with the neighbouring KFC Haaltert. The stadium of KRC Haaltert is no longer what it used to be. Reason for us to go and visit their lost ground.

Haaltert already saw some football activities as early as 1925. Sportclub Hooger-Op Haeltert was created back then, but they only joined the Belgian FA in 1926. Shortly afterwards, Sportkring Haeltert was created and joined the FA. That automatically means the matricule number of SK (703) is lower than the one of SCHO (720) while SCHO is in fact older. SC Hooger-Op pulled back as a member of the FA in 1930. SK followed their example in 1936.

It's not immediately clear they actually ceased their activities or joined another local league. In 1938 we see two new teams from Haaltert joining the Belgian FA. Eendracht Haaltert - no connection with SK - only stayed for eight years. But the other one had more success. Sportclub Hooger Op Haaltert joined as a new team. Or that's what the FA assumes. Four years later SCHO became Racing Haaltert.

During the next decades, the team would remain in the regional leagues. They did come close to more several times though. In 1980 for instance they promoted to the top regional league and they stayed there until 1988. Up until 2007, KRC Haaltert would try anything to promote back to the top regional league, but unfortunately they never managed to actually promote. As of 2007, they would go in the opposite direction and relegate to the third and even to the fourth and lowest leagues.

Two years ago - in 2020 - KRC Haaltert merged with FC Kerksken to become FC Kerksken-Haaltert. The matricule number was kept, but the team moved away from Haaltert to settle in Kerksken. At this very moment the merger is still active in the third regional league. Their old "Dreef" stadium was abandoned and only remembers to old glorious days. But for how long will we be able to see this...?

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