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GROUND // Eikenbemde - Korbeek Sport

Korbeek is more or less overshadowed by the neighbouring Bierbeek. But that doesn't mean there isn't any football tradition to be found. It was a challenge to find some information, but we believe we managed quite well to capture the story of Korbeek Sport in their very charming Eikenbemde.

Before WWII there were two teams active in Korbeek, but both didn't join the Belgian FA. Instead they joined the Flemish FA. Corbeek Sport joined them in 1935, followed by Mollezonen Korbeek one year later. Back then there were only two divisions and the two teams alternated the divisions every couple of years. It was even so that both teams never met each other in an official game. At one point they did play in the same league, but the start of the war hindered the official games. Corbeek Sport immediately ceased football activities and in 1942 Mollezonen Korbeek did the same thing.

For 20 years Korbeek didn't see any football anymore and most of the youth went to Bierbeek to get their football craving satisfied. In 1962 however Korbeek Sport was created and they immediately joined the Belgian FA. The first years were played in green and white, until in 1966 the colours were changed in the famous red and blue. Across the next couple of decades the team would follow a promotion with an almost immediate struggle against relegation. Korbeek Sport therefore mainly played the lowest and second to one lowest regional league.

Between 1998 and 2005 though they finally made it to the second highest regional league. This was the absolute highlight of the team. Unfortunately after that they went back to the lower leagues and they still play there until this day.

Their wonderful stadium is a definite must see. The Eikenbemde (wonderful name, right?) has the allures of a team that once played the lower national leagues, although they never did. It doesn't seem they will be anytime soon either. But still, if you love lower league football you need to check out Korbeek Sport and the amazing unlevelled pitch.


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