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GROUND // Essensteenweg - KFC Nieuwmoer

Not far away from the Dutch border KFC Nieuwmoer is playing in the Essensteenweg. Since 1991 they have a more modern ground than before, but still beautifully and typically lower ground. Just the way we like it.

As many teams in the neighbourhood Nieuwmoer FC was created right after WWII - 1953 to be exact. They immediately joined the Belgian FA, but the team stayed in the lowest regional league for two decades. In 1973 they managed to promote for the very first time ever. Unfortunately this was only for a very short time and they quickly relegated back to the lowest division.

Until 1990 that is, when they won their league and promoted back to the third regional league. Immediately after that Nieuwmoer FC managed to promote to the second regional division and this gave them a direct reason to move to a new ground. The current stadium in the Essensteenweg became their new hotspot. For seven years straight they had great results and in 1998 finally KFC Nieuwmoer managed to promote to the top regional league.

Apart from one year the team managed to stay there until 2012, but then a disaster happened. On only three years time KFC Nieuwmoer relegated back to the lowest regional league. Back to where they began. Up until now they still play there and it's not immediately clear what their ambition is right now. Sad as they were so close to the national leagues and looking at their stadium it wouldn't even be undeserved. For now enjoy this beauty and prepare for an absolute gem in our next update. ;-)


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