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GROUND // Filodroom - DK Nieuwmoer

Not far away from the KFC Nieuwmoer ground you can find another absolute gem. The Filodroom has some peculiar dugouts and a very neat and massive Elascon stand. De Kroon Nieuwmoer is the current user of the Filodroom.

When this ground was built and who used it in the beginning is unknown to us. There are people who believe KFC Nieuwmoer used this ground before moving to the Essensteenweg, but the team itself denies those facts. What we do know is that in the neighbouring Essen a non league team Wapen Van Essen played in the amateur leagues of a local FA. The team was presumably named after a bar in Essen but later on the team changed its name into WVE De Bijl (referring to "Wapen Van Essen"). De Bijl can be translated into 'the axe'. The weapon of Essen (Wapen Van Essen) isn't an axe however.

In Essen the team was ground sharing with Essenboys, another non league team. But when KFC Olympic Essen was in need of a new ground in 2012, both Essenboys and WVE De Bijl were forced out of their ground. WVE De Bijl moved to the Filodroom in Nieuwmoer, which seemed to be available and which was occasionally used by the veterans team of KFC Nieuwmoer (as confirmed by the team).

In 2017 then WVE De Bijl decided to switch from the KVV FA to the KAVVV FA and while doing so they changed their name into DK Nieuwmoer. Firstly to be more Nieuwmoer linked, but also to honour the bar next to the Filodroom (who also actually owns the ground of the Filodroom); De Kroon (the crown). DK Nieuwmoer still plays the same league and just won their league earlier this year (before the Covid-19 crisis started).

But if the history and name of the team playing in the Filodroom isn't big enough of a reason to visit this stadium, the weird dugouts and the magnificent and rather large Elascon stand will definitely do the trick. Next to a bar at one side and surrounded by fields on the other sides, visiting this stadium should be a wonderful experience!

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