GROUND // Gemeentelijk Sportcentrum - KSK Sint-Amands

For years the people of Sint-Amands had to go to the neighbouring Bornem, Dendermonde, Buggenhout or Puurs to enjoy football. More than a century after the creation of the famous Sheffield FC (1857) Sint-Amands got their own team. SK Sint-Amands only started in 1966.

And still they can be considered as a pioneer in the neighbourhood. It'll quickly become clear why. But first a quick merger overview of the village itself. In the year 822 Sint-Amands was mentioned for the very first time in official documents. For hundreds of years it remained an independent village until it had to merge in 1977 with Oppuurs and Lippelo. A first merger while SK Sint-Amands formed the example for the creation of VVH Lippelo. FC Oppuurs was founded four years after the village merger.

In the meantime it already was very clear SK Sint-Amands and VVH Lippelo had started an intense derby battle. Albeit on a regional level as both teams never managed to reach the national divisions. SK started in the third regional level (mainly because the fourth didn't exist yet back then) and quickly relegated to the newly created fourth regional division. The peak periods were in 1983 and in 1988 as they promoted to the second highest regional leagues then. In 2019 a new village merger happened. Sint-Amands (already merged with Oppuurs and Lippelo) became one with Puurs (containing Puurs, Breendonk, Liezele and Ruisbroek) to become Puurs-Sint-Amands. Seven villages in one and yet almost all football teams kept their own identity!

Current Congolese international and Antwerp player Nill De Pauw originally comes from Sint-Amands, but he had chosen to start his football career at FC Oppuurs. SK Sint-Amands takes more pride in the Baasrode born Danny Veyt. We bet only the older (and Belgian) fans will remember Veyt. He was part of the Red Devils in 1986, ending fourth on the World Championship. He must have been one of the very first youth players for the team when we look at his age and when the team was created.

In 2016 SK Sint-Amands earned their royal prefix and by the end of 2021 the team can enjoy their 55th birthday. Supported by the fan base SK Army, flanked by a beautiful and oldschool grandstand and accompanied by a modern score board (originally from the former KSC Lokeren) SK Sint-Amands is going strong. We'd love to witness the derby against VVH Lippelo, although we assume we will have to wait for that because of the division difference and sadly enough Covid-19 these days.

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