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GROUND // Gemeentelijk Stadion De Zeype - Sporting Kampenhout

When you think of Kampenhout, football isn't the first thing that comes to mind. The village between Leuven and Mechelen does have a team that regularly plays the national divisions however. And they have a stadium with all that is needed. Huge terracing and a seated grandstand welcome you while entering De Zeype.

And it's a stadium which has been in use by the team since they started having successes in the national divisions end 80, early 90s. SK Kampenhout played the lower regional leagues most of its time. The first successes only came in the sixties when the team first promoted to the second highest regional league. Afterwards the team fell back quite a bit, but they would always work on their way up again. And those successes would come. As of the 90s the real party began and it resulted in a move to the current stadium as well.

SK Kampenhout first reached the top regional division in 1989 and started to look for a promotion to the national leagues for the very first time. After some success in the Belgian Cup in 1990-91, they found that promotion in 1992. Fourth division welcomed them for the very first time ever. As of then the eternal battle to continue growing began. In reality it would become an up and down between fourth division and the top regional league.

Because in 1995 they relegated back to that top regional division. Nine years later the next phase started. Back to fourth division although it only lasted for three years. By 2011 they were back again, but again it wouldn't take long. Two years later they relegated and this time they even had to take an extra level down. In 2016 they returned to the top regional league and their title in 2017 would be the last one as SK Kampenhout. That year they would merge with the neighbouring SK Kamperlaar to become Sporting Kampenhout. Sporting began as merger in the national leagues, third amateur.

But the merger didn't change old habits. After two years the team relegated again and today they are still in the top regional league. Recently they closed the season with a third place and it seems like they are ready to return to the national leagues soon. Hopefully things will change and they will continue to have successes in the national leagues.


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