GROUND // Heggelaan - VC Poederlee

After our piece about KFC Lille, we couldn't leave Poederlee behind. It's already known KFC Lille and VC Poederlee will join forces. But the village of Poederlee also carries a certain history which will disappear now. Before VC Poederlee KFC Poederlee already managed to amaze people.

Not long after KFC Lille was founded in 1938 the neighbours of Poederlee got inspired. FC Poederlee started playing football and just like their neighbours in Lille the team kept on playing in the regional leagues. As the years went by both teams got closer and closer to the national divisions and the intens derbies became a battle. A battle to reach the desired national divisions first.

KFC Lille managed to reach those divisions in 1995, but it was in fact KFC Poederlee that won the battle. "Poeyel", as they are being called locally, reached fourth division in 1987. And it didn't stop there. Two years later they even promoted to third division. Not bad for a team coming from a village like Poederlee. Afterwards the team kept on looking up. In the meantime KFC Lille had put themselves in fourth division, but KFC "Poeyel" had all eyes on second division.

Exactly ten years after they had reached the national leagues, the team played playoffs for promotion to second division. Unfortunately they were eliminated and the flame seemed to be out. In 1998 they ended last and KFC Poederlee decided to stop all activities. Most likely financial troubles played a big part in their decision. A problem that is all too known to modern football lately. Sixty years after their creation Poederlee didn't have a football team anymore.

Not for long though because immediately after the demission of KFC Poederlee a follow up was created. VC Poederlee started off in the bottom again. The new team seemed to be having the same history as their predecessor as they remained in the regional leagues the past 20 yers. The fans didn't care and supported the team as if they were still in third division.

Now we're in 2020 and the decision has been made to merge with KFC Lille. That team will have to leave their own ground in May 2022 the latest and they looked for (and found) a solution in the Heggelaan in Poederlee. This charming stadium will become the new home ground of the merger which will most likely be named Lille United (but we can't confirm this). On top of that the old, charming stadium filled with passion will have to make way for a brand new stadium. The wonderful standing area with the historical kop and nice seating area will disappear. For now we can still enjoy it...

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