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GROUND // Hoogveld - KVC Haacht

We were in Haacht before to visit the beautiful stadium near the railway station. Sparta Haacht isn't the only team though in the village. KVC Haacht is playing not that far away from Sparta and the Hoogveld stadium is a looker for sure.

KVC Haacht consists of three different teams, but for different purposes we'll stick to the original player of the Hoogveld stadium. In 1949 FC Olympia Haacht was founded, only six years after Sparta Haacht, but already 2500 matricule numbers further down the road compared to Sparta. The team started of as most teams, the lowest regional league.

Pretty soon though Olympia managed to reached the national leagues. In 1974 (the year they celebrated their 25th anniversary) fourth division was reached. The rise started in 1967 when Olympia suddenly started to climb the regional leagues. For four years straight Olympia would stay in the national leagues. In 1978 however it was over and Olympia would never come back to the national leagues. In the contrary... a couple of mergers happened since.

In 1993 FC Olympia Haacht officially ceased to exist as the team underwent a merger with the neighbouring K Sportief Wespelaar. The matricule number of Sportief Wespelaar was kept as they played in the top regional league (and looking at the matricule number - good choice), but soon and due to players leaving the team KVV Olympia Wespelaar went down the leagues.

We can go on about the history of Sportief Wespelaar and the continuation of KVV Olympia Wespelaar, but we have some surprises scheduled later on. Since 2011 though matricule number 490 plays under the name of KVC Haacht and hasn't been successful yet to come back in the national leagues. Currently they're fighting for their spot in the second regional division.

The Hoogveld stadium is just one of the three stadiums KVC Haacht can use. The original home ground of FC Olympia Haacht is however the only one in Haacht and Wespelaar that has seen national football and looking at the beautiful terracing it deserves to see national football again. In the meantime modern times have conquered Haacht as well. The team has a new kantine/dressing rooms and by the end of this season the old dressing rooms and kantine will be demolished. Shame shame - but, we're glad to learn that they will make way for a brand new terracing stand.


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