GROUND // Kerremelkpit - KSK Wenduine

It doesn't always have to be about massive grandstands or nice and oldschool terracing. Sometimes pure nature is all it takes. All it takes to take your football breath away. Exactly that is what you can find in Wenduine when visiting the Kerremelkpit.

KSK Wenduine isn't the only team with their grounds in the middle of the dunes and only a couple of dozen meters away from the beach. But it is one of the most beautiful grounds. 1933 - that's when it all started for the team that started off as SK Wenduine, shortly after KSV Diksmuide was created. Immediately SK Wenduine started playing in the dunes, the exact same place where they play right now.

Not a lot is known about the team unfortunately. We suspect the team has always played the regional leagues. Even this season they are playing their games in the lowest regional league. In a way remarkable for a team that's this old already. Most of the teams with that age managed to reach the national leagues at one point (usually the older point). But that doesn't matter. What matters is the fun they have while playing the game and the joy they share playing that game in such a loverly environment.

And it just so happens that playing in the dunes isn't easy to come by. The agreement between the team and the village of Wenduine to be able to play in the Kerremelkpit was supposed to end in 2020. Fortunately the agreement has been extended for another nine years. There are a couple of conditions to meet though. KSK Wenduine can't extend their stadium as it's in natural surroundings. And they can never have an artificial pitch installed - something most groundhoppers will love to hear. Located very closeby two beautiful stadiums in Blankenberge, we highly recommend paying Wenduine a visit as well.