GROUND // Laarstraat - K Bevel FC

Football has more than two goals. In the shadow of big neighbour Nijlen there is another team that used to be active in the national leagues in Belgium. Although it has been a while, K Bevel FC is definitely worth visiting the Herre van de Sak Plein. The Barcelona of the "Kempen" area, as they are being called.

Three years after FC Nijlen was created Bevel FC started activities as well. According to what we can believe Bevel FC wasn't founded in 1927, but rather in 1930. They immediately joined the Belgian FA. But there are mixed sources here. It might very well be the team was created in 1927 but only joined the Belgian FA in 1930. It would be great if the team could clarify this one as even on their website the two creation dates are being mentioned. Up until WWII they went up and up in the regional leagues. In 1943 they managed to reach third division (the lowest national leagues) and Bevel FC stayed there until 1947. A very short time, but it's a time to be remembered

Afterwards Bevel FC never managed to get back to the national leagues and continuously played the regional leagues. The past seven decades the team has seen all of the regional leagues and even hit rock bottom; the lowest regional division. Right now they are crusading in the second highest regional league and who know... maybe one day they'll return to national football again. That would have to be fifth division in the meantime.

sThe team is well known for its youth teams. The past few decades they have won several cups and tournaments, regionally as well as on a national level. Two of those youth products are the brothers Yves and Yannick De Winter. Yannick is known for his periods at Westerlo and MVV Maastricht, while the other one has teams like Westerlo, De Graafschap, AZ, STVV, Roda JC and Antwerp on his resume. Great youth work there, which emphasizes the fact... football has more than two goals.