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GROUND // Lippelodorp - VV Herleving Lippelo

Voetbal Vereniging Herleving Lippelo. Sometimes football teams come as lower league as they are. Pure and not yet soaked in the big money of football these days. In the contrary, pure pleasure for the game and focused on local engagement. VV Herleving Lippelo is one of those teams that has played the lower leagues from the very start, with a lot of attention for the pleasure for the game.

Lippelo is one of those local villages in Belgium, on the border between provinces East Flanders, Flemish Brabant and Antwerp. Right up until 1976 it was a quiet independent village, since that year it formed a part of (together with Oppuurs) Sint-Amands. And since early 2019 it's part of the bigger Puurs-Sint-Amands. You won't immediately go there for wonderful football levels, but rather for long and great walks or bike rides in the green fields.

It might not come as a surprise it took quite some time before an official football team was created there. Even more so, the triangle Lippelo/Oppuurs/Sint-Amands had to wait quite some time overall. SK Sint-Amands was the first in 1966, followed by VV Herleving Lippelo two years later. FC Oppuurs only started in 1981. So, VVH Lippelo only recently celebrated its 50th birthday. Directly after the creation they joined the Belgian FA and ever since they mainly played a role in the two lowest regional leagues (the eighth and ninth tier).

During those 50 years VVH Lippelo had a peaceful existence thanks to a strong board. In the meantime the members of that board changed as the founder and chairman decided it was time for a fresh start after 50 years of hard work. But even though they had a peaceful past, even VVH Lippelo experiences the influence of modern football these days. For a number of years now they are working closely together with neighbouring teams SK Sint-Amands and FC Mariekerke (just now merged with KSV Branst) for their youth teams.

But for now the people of Lippelo can still enjoy VV Herleving Lippelo (great name by the way) in the stadium without name in Lippelodorp where they have been playing since 1971. A great and typical lower league stadium with all the characteristics a die hard lower league should have.


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