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GROUND // Meirstraat - FC Oppuurs

Football has conquered the world very rapidly and you'd almost expect every little Belgian village to have a football team of their own in the meantime. But that's not necessarily the case. The small village of Oppuurs only saw their own team in 1981 when FC Oppuurs was created.

As a village on its own Oppuurs never had their own team. Where between 1880 and 1950 a hell of a lot of teams were created (and folded as well) nothing happened in Oppuurs. Even when they merged as a village with the neighbouring Sint-Amands things remained the same. Sint-Amands had to wait for a long time as well, but since 1966 they had SK Sint-Amands, followed in 1968 by the creation of VV Herleving Lippelo. Oppuurs had to wait until 1981.

That's like only 39 years ago. Immediately they joined the Belgian FA and started working their way up in the leagues. In nearly four decades the team has managed to build a healthy and stabile environment. Slowly they climbed the ladder in the regional leagues. Right now they're in the top regional league and 'de Tutters' aren't doing a bad job either. That slow approach paved the way for a realistic path to the top and they're heavily bonking the national football door.

And oh yes, the ambition is there. From the start they played their games in the Meirstraat but the current football situation in Oppuurs demands an extension of the stadium. The stands you see right now will disappear to meet the successful demands of FC Oppuurs. Very much in contradiction with the recent development we experienced in Belgian (local) football. Where most teams can't count on volunteers any more or are financially struggling, mergers or bankruptcies are present everywhere. But not in Oppuurs.

And with Nill De Pauw and Björn Vleminckx they can count on two big names. The first one was a youth product and grew out to be a certitude at KSC Lokeren, EA Guingamp and Zulte-Waregem. The latter will most likely sound familiar in Belgium and Holland. 'De blonde werkmier' (the blonde working ant) became a supporters boy at KV Mechelen and NEC Nijmegen. Right now he is in his last stage of his career with FC Oppuurs. Coming home for 'de Witte van Puurs' (the blonde boy from Puurs). Ladies football isn't forgotten either. Current Red Flame Laura Deloose is playing top league at RSC Anderlecht, but started her career at this very FC Oppuurs!


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