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GROUND // Melsbroekstraat - SK Nossegem

Football fields next to airport; it's an interesting spectacle. The most famous one in this category was for sure FC Melsbroek. Was, because the team moved to a different location after airport authorities reclaimed the ground to extend the airport. Luckily for us we still get to enjoy these views at Diegem Sport and SK Nossegem.

On the complete other side from where FC Melsbroek was playing, we can find the charming little stadium of SK Nossegem. SK Nossegem was founded in 1957. By then FC Melsbroek and Diegem Sport were already playing the game next to or nearby the airport. SKN did manage to find one empty spot still and inaugurated their stadium in 1958. SKN started playing without worries in the lower leagues in the province of Brabant. The next half century SKN would mainly be active in the third and fourth regional league (back then the seventh and eighth level in Belgium).

Because good results can be nice as well, SKN started to focus on some good results more and more. Finally in 2006 they managed to promote to the second regional division for the very first time in their history. Stability is one of the main quality points of the team and unlike most other teams they didn't relegate immediately (nor did they continue to maraude the leagues). For eight years the fans sang some beautiful songs in that second regional division. Until in 2014 they ended last and had to relegate back to the third regional division.

The area around the airport (and the village of Zaventem) counts many teams and all of them are very close to each other. That makes it difficult to maintain a good youth department and SKN is very much aware about that. Since 2014 SKN has put together a very clear vision and structure within the team. We Are Nossegem was born en they take care of amusing side activities and give support and promotion around football in Nossegem.

Thanks to that the team managed to return to second regional division in 2018, where they still play this very season. Whether or not they should and could aim for more is a question we can't answer. But we can confirm the fact that SKN and We Are Nossegem have a realistic and modern approach with a great perspective to a long existence. Keep following that path and rest assure, they will have a great future!


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