GROUND // Ouburg - SK Oudegem

Overshadowed by KAV Dendermonde it is. A stadium to miss it is not. Whenever you are in the Dendermonde area, be sure to visit Ouburg in the neighbouring Oudegem as well. A true lower league ground.

It isn't really clear when football in Oudegem started exactly, but we know for sure there already were two teams right up until the late 50s - early 60s. Astra and Blue Star where the two teams. But for some reason both teams ceased to exist and for more or less a decade Oudegem could only go to Dendermonde or the other villages around Dendermonde to see some football activity. Until Sportkring Oudegem was founded in 1972.

All infrastructure was already demolished in the meantime so the team had to be creative in finding their own place. Ouburg was born. The next decades would all mean fun and games for the team. SK Oudegem would never make it to national football, but they did go up and down in the regional leagues. During the 70s already they managed to reach the second highest regional league. During the 80s they would fall back to the lowest leagues.

The 90s proved to be a slow way back up again and by 1999 they were back in the second highest regional league. The first years of the new millennium would also be the best years of the team. In 2003/2004 they built a new kantine. In 2005 they first participated in the Belgian cup and only just lost to Eendracht Aalter after penalties. In 2008 they won the cup in East Flanders and they added a second pitch to the stadium and installed floodlights. In 2010 they only just missed promotion to the top regional league.

In 2011, only one year later, the success was over. The team relegated back to the third regional league, after 11 years. Up until now they would still play there, although they just missed promotion back to the second regional league. It's clear sooner or later they will be back and who knows what will follow later.

A charming lower league ground containing a stand with Elascon allure. Wonderful and definitely a must visit whenever you are in this richly filled neighbourhood.